Complaint Form

The Complaint Form along with all other relevant documentation will be shared with the RCMP for investigation pursuant to subsection 45.53(10) of the RCMP Act. Accordingly, a RCMP complaint investigator may contact you to provide a statement.

Complaint Checklist

Does your complaint concern:

  • the on-duty conduct of an RCMP officer?


  • an incident that occurred within the last 12 months?

Are you:

  • directly involved in the incident?


  • a witness?


  • authorized to act on behalf of someone who was?
Complainant Information
Details of Complaint (complete as much as possible)

Where and when did the incident(s) that led to your complaint happen? Please fill in as much of the information as you know. If you do not know any specific details, you may wish to include details such as landmarks, etc.

Please include:

  • Who was involved
  • What was said and done
  • Any other people who witnessed the incident (including other police officers)
  • If there was any damage or injury
  • If there was something that you feel caused the incident or affected your interaction with the RCMP
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